Endo Friendly Halloween

How to have fun on and around Halloween despite Endo!

If you are going to dress up for any events, make sure your costume is loose fitting around your stomach. Generally dresses or leggings are a good choice. Dresses means you can be a princess, gypsy, or a witch. Leggings and a solid color t-shirt can make you a skittle, M&M, or crayon. If its a red shirt, you can be Winnie the Pooh or Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. This year I bought a huntress costume that is a tunic style shirt with leggings.

Movie Night
Horror movie marathon anyone? Stay in the comfort of your own home with all the classic Halloween movies! Pull out the apple cider, some caramel apples, popcorn, and maybe a piece or two of candy. Curl up in your most comfortable pajamas and a fuzzy blanket. Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and lounge the night away.

If you have plans to Trick-or-Treat despite your Endo, having someone drive around with you may be beneficial. This way should you end up in pain, you can be driven back home to rest and recuperate. Also, you can eliminate a large majority of walking which could aggravate your pain. Another option is to check out a trunk-or-treat. These events tend to be a lot smaller and allow for more sitting and chilling rather than walking.

Farm Visit

If you plan on heading out to the pumpkin patch, find out whether there is a patch near you that gives tractor rides out to the patch and back in. Also, pick a smaller pumpkin so you don’t aggravate your Endo. Take the activities slow and listen to your body. If you are unsure about an activity, it is probably better to be safe rather than sorry. Also, be aware of how greasy the food is that you may be ingesting. It may be better to eat on your way there or way home.

These simple changes may make your Fall and Halloween much more enjoyable and pain-free!

Sports and Endo

Sometimes staying active with a chronic illness can be hard. I gave up all sports right after my laparoscopy and didn’t get back into them for another year and a half. I used to be an Irish step dancer, but I quit because of the amount of time I would be out after my lap. I got back into sports quite literally 20 months after my laparoscopy. I joined JROTC at my high school. When I moved schools junior year I became a cheerleader.

To be honest, ThermaCare menstrual are a lifesaver for endo. So is biofreeze or icy hot  on your abdomen during sports. Just please don’t use both at the same time.

Know your limits. Sometimes I over do it and end up with a bad flare. Saturday my cheer squad competed for the first time ever. And, we won. We ate concession stand food and taco bell for lunch and dinner that day. By the time I got home I felt awful and I barely slept thanks to pain and nausea.

I suggest swimming for Endo patients. Swimming is relaxing and low impact. It also is easy to do and works all muscles. Plus I’ve always loved the cold water on my back when it hurts.

4 Tips for Surviving Bloating and School

The amount of bloating a female with Endo goes through is ridiculous and surviving a school day bloated can be horrific.

All my EndoSisters know exactly what bloating looks and feels like. Some of us have probably been asked if we are pregnant or how far along we are. I always feel like screaming in response “I AM NOT PREGNANT!! I AM 18 YEARS OLD AND STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL! AND ANYWAYS WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO ASK ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE?!?!”

So here are my top 4 quick tips for surviving school while bloated.

  1. Comfy pants!! Being comfortable in loose-fitting pants is my #1 tip! I go to a private school with a fairly strict dress code: collared shirt Monday-Thursday, T-shirts are allowed on Fridays. Pants have to be either jeans, khakis, or the girls can wear skirts. After explaining my situation to the principal, I was given approval to wear sweatpants when I am extremely bloated!
My wonderful bloating survival pants

2. ThermaCare Menstrual relief patches! These can be a little pricey, but on days I go straight from school to my part-time job as a hostess, they are my only hope of survival. You just open the pack and press the sticky part onto your underwear and that’s that.


Freaking next best thing to an actual heating pad


3. Diuretics! Midol or any other OTC medicine with a diuretic can be your best friend as long as you are okay with peeing constantly. In order to take a diuretic, you’ve gotta drink lots of water or else you run the risk of dehydration.

Lots and lots of H2O


4. Essential oils! I swear by my essential oils for everything! Peppermint is great for nausea. Lavender is super relaxing and Eucalyptus can be used for anything you would normally use Vick’s Vapor Rub for! Find out what combination works best for you and then let me know!!

Drop a comment with other tips you have! Feel free to share!