Hey y’all!! My name is Kierstin. I am an 18-year-old chick fighting Endo. I have searched for other teens dealing with this horrific disease and there just aren’t that many places to find them. So here I am to share my journey through my senior year and the rest of my chronically ill life.

So a little about my life. I am a recent graduate of a private Christian school in North Alabama. I compete in pageants and am beginning my freshman year at Jacksonville State University where I am studying Pre-Professional Health Biology (Pre-Med). I’ve played piano for the last 9 years. Hunting and shooting are my favorite pass times!! Oh, and roll tide!!

I was unofficially diagnosed at 12 years old with endo. Doctors refused to confirm my diagnosis through surgery until I was 13 because I hadn’t had my period a full year and I was “too young” to have Endo. I had my most recent surgery in March of 2018. I had a partial hysterectomy and excision of Endometriosis. Kierstin_188