ACOG and the Fight to be Heard

For years women have complained about the ACOG,
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. ACOG has shown that they do not care about endo patients. Their literature doesn’t stay consistent from article to article. The ACOG is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies according to their industry sponsor web page. The reason this is such a big deal is because their standards of care rank medicine above surgery. Logically if pharmaceutical companies are paying their bills, they need to put money back in the companies’ pockets. ACOG’s literature claims that a hysterectomy should be considered as a last resort treatment for endo. Now this is totally preposterous because endo occurs outside of the uterus. Removing an organ that isn’t the cause of the problem makes no sense. Now, if you are suffering from adenomyosis, a hysterectomy makes perfect sense because adeno occurs within the muscle tissue of the uterus.

In adolescents, ACOG recommends diagnostic surgery with a 6 month following of a GnRH prescription such as Lupron. Lupron has been shown to have horrendous side affects for women of all ages. They also admit that endo is the number one cause of secondary dysmenhorrhea in adolescents. Because the ACOG does not deem excision surgery the best treatment path, many insurance companies do not deem it medically necessary so they don’t cover it. This can put women in tens of thousands of dollars in debt on top of the pain and emotional roller coaster they have been on.

ACOG needs to step up and do right by the millions of us EndoSisters across the nation. We rely on them to make medical decisions that benefit the rest of us!

Author: thrivingwithendo

Hey yall I'm just a young girl blogging about her experience with Endometriosis!!

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